Costa Rica Sea Kayaking

Costa Rica Jaco Beach
Canoes sail the oceans of the world for centuries.

They were created as tools for survival and travel. Its design is virtually unchanged after generations of refinement. Its beauty lies in its simplicity and functionality Kayak Jaco made use of these old ships in the next generation.

Enjoy a level of service and commitment to quality of experience that exceeds your expectations. The decor, the distances rowing team, our base of operations, and most importantly, your guide adventure.

Our Wed kayak and snorkeling tour memorable fun.
We did this for 10 years and now we believe we have perfected. The scenery is spectacular, our equipment is high quality and easy to paddle.

We snorkel (when conditions permit) from the beach, so you have plenty of options if someone in the group is in the observation of mono or walks on the beach.
Our journey is half business days with departures from our database in Playa Needles 8.15 and 2.15. Transportation is available from Jaco and all the surrounding beaches.
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