There are many things you can do as you travel expenses in Costa Rica.
For fins and enjoy your holiday. These are some of the activities and excursions for you to enjoy.

Jet Ski

Jet skis are fast, big and pleasant (not to mention the cool factor), and a great way to explore the beautiful coast of Costa Rica. I invite you to do in these scooters and jet their way into the water. Or take a relaxing cruise on the deserted beaches.

The guide starts the half day adventure with a short presentation on how to handle personal watercraft. After becoming familiar with the vehicle guide that leads to the sea or a river in search of fish and dolphins. You will be able to see volcanic rock formations, an overview of the diverse marine life, including mangroves and see beautiful islands. You can even make a stop for snorkeling and swimming in the clear waters.

These are the companies that I like this type of visit:

1. Adventure in Costa Rica: You can surf on the beaches of Playas del Coco, in Santa Rosa National Park in Manuel Antonio and Bahia Culebra.

2. Jungle Coast offers jet skiing near Manuel Antonio National Park.

Some things you should bring if you go on a jet ski trip are: sunscreen, towels, sunglasses and a waterproof camera.

Tours usually include guides, jet skis and diving equipment, life jackets, snacks, beverages and marina fees.

Safari Boat Tours

Costa Rica is a country that boasts of a very large collection of wild forests, rainforests and cloud forests. That's why I do a boat safari along some major rivers will give you the opportunity to study the fauna of Costa Rica real wild.

This is the kind of trip that naturalists, ornithologists and, in general, all those interested in absolutely love the environment, but also families and couples can spend some time to learn about wildlife Costa Rica.

This is a very exciting and relaxing trip that gives you a choice between making a canoe or inflatable raft. You will be an experienced guide and naturalist bilingual all the time. At the beginning of the trip, the guide will give a brief introduction and instructions on how to sail, paddle, what to do and what not to do.

The canoe or raft silently glide along the river, and see the following links:

? birds perched on trees
? crocodiles or alligators sleeping in banks
? monkeys hanging from the branches of old trees
Activities List
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It is always a good idea to wear comfortable clothes and shoes and bring sunscreen and a light hat helps prevent sunburn. Also, do not forget the binoculars (to see all the tropical birds) and of course the camera to capture all those beautiful landscapes.

Come to Costa Rica to experience and enjoy the tranquility of the beautiful woods promote bio diversity!

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