Crocodile Adventure in Jaco Beach

 The inhabitants of the intertidal areas in the tropics and subtropics, mangroves are a collection of curious plants.
It is easy to make the wrong assumption that different types of mangroves are closely related species adapted to the particular conditions in which they grow.

Even the English common names (red mangrove, black mangrove, white mangrove, buttonwood mangrove, etc.) lend themselves to the idea that they are merely different species of the same plant family as if it were maple or oak.

In fact, mangroves are a wonderful example of convergent evolution a situation in which unrelated organisms have evolved certain similarities, just because it is more appropriate to use a particular resource. And in this case, the resource is a place in which a plant can grow if it can overcome two major difficulties faced by mangroves: the salinity of sea water that saturates the soil and grow in the absence of oxygen saturation in the same mud .

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